Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary _ LU31.015

Item No. LU31.015 Type REJ
Description Appeal of Approval of ZB Appl. 222-01: Omnibus Text Changes Clean-up 3 Final Res/Ord #  
Committee Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Date Final Action  
Date Submitted 04/04/2022 Other  
Submitted By Zoning Board    
Date Document Description Author
06/09/2022 Certificate of Decision BOR
06/03/2022 Letter from Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization Cowing
06/03/2022 Memo from Ralph Blessing and David Stein  
06/02/2022 Email from Constituent Colucci
05/19/2022 Email from Constituent Halpern
05/04/2022  Email from Ralph Blessing w/ Materials requested by Committee  
01/11/2022  Clean Up 3 Narrative  
02/07/2022  Clean Up 3 Presentation  
05/04/2022  Comparison between Current and Proposed Zoning Regulations (text changes only, not reorganization) Blessing
  Proposed Zoning Regulations with Changes contained in Zoning Board Application 222-01  
  Current Zoning Regulations (version 2021-08-31)  
04/21/2022 Clean-Up 3 FAQ Blessing
04/21/2022 Stamford Neighborhood Coalition presentation SNC
04/07/2022 Petition Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4  
04/04/2022  Referral Memo from Ralph Blessing to Jeff Curtis  
01/11/2022  Applic 222-01 - Omnibus Clean-up 3   
01/13/2022 Memo to ZEO, EPB, Engineering, TT&P and Legal referring application  
01/13/2022 Memo to Legal referring application  
01/13/2022 Letter to Planing Board referring application  
01/13/2022 Letter to WestCOG referring application  
01/19/2022 Memo from Susan Kisken, Engineering re: ZB Appl 222-01  
01/22/2022 Applic 222-01 Checklist  
01/25/2022 Email from WestCOG re: ZB Appl 222-01  
01/28/2022  Email to Zoning Board w/ Updated Application Omnibus Clean-up 3   
02/10/2022 Letter from Planning Board to Zoning Board re: ZB Appl 222-01  
02/14/2022 Memo from Frank Petise, Transportation Bureau Chief, re: ZB Appl 222-01  
02/15/2022  Email to Zoning Board w/ Updated Application Omnibus Clean-up 3   
02/15/2022 Memo from Vineeta Mathur to Planning Board re: responses to PB Questions re: ZB Appl. 222-01  
02/16/2022 & 02/23/2022 Notice of Public Hearing on 02/28/2022  
02/24/2022 Recommendation from Planning Board on ZB Appl. 222-01  
03/08/2022  Email to Zoning Board w/ Updated Application Omnibus Clean-up 3   
03/11/2022  Email to Zoning Board w/ Updated Application Omnibus Clean-up 3   
03/16/2022 Email w/ Omnibus Clean-up 3 as Approved by the Zoning Board on March 14, 2022  
03/17/2022 Public Notice of Decision of Zoning Board  
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
05/16/2022 Public Hearing Notice  
 05/12/2022 Public Hearing Notice