Stamford Board of Representatives

Key Issues

Key Items Approved at 09/05/17 Board Meeting:

  • Resolution Amending Lease with Congressman Himes for Office Space on the 10th floor of the Stamford Government Center
  • Resolution Approving a Board of Education Lease of Space at Old Town Hall, 175 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT
  • Approval of Clerk of the Works Agreement with Paul Montanaro
  • Ordinance Amending of Code Chapter 88 Regarding Emergency Measures Authorized for Imminently Dangerous or Unsafe Buildings.
  • Ordinance Amending Chapter 200, Sewers, Section 200- 33, Regarding the Responsibility for the Maintenance and Repair of Sewer Laterals within the City Right of Way
  • Approval of Contract with A. Vitti Excavators, LLC for Replacement of Riverbank Road Bridge Over the East Branch of the Mianus River – Conn DOT Project No. 13501
Cost Savings & Revenue Enhancement Committee Meeting - 6:30 pm - Agenda 09/25/2017
Fiscal Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 09/25/2017
Appointments Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 09/26/2017
Operations Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 09/26/2017
Transportation Committee Meeting - 7 pm - Agenda 09/28/2017


10/02/2017 Regular Board Meeting Agenda
09/05/2017 Regular Board Meeting Action Report and Video
08/07/2017 Regular Board Meeting Minutes and Video
09/13/2017 Steering Committee Minutes and Video
09/18/2017 Education Committee Meeting Minutes and Video (Part 1 and Part 2)
09/19/2017 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda and Video (Part 1 and Part 2)
09/19/2017 Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Meeting Minutes and Video
09/25/2017 Cost Savings/Revenue Enhancement Committee Meeting Agenda
09/25/2017 Fiscal Committee Meeting Agenda
09/26/2017 Appointments Committee Meeting Agenda
09/26/2017 Operations Committee Meeting Agenda
09/28/2017 Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda
10/02/2017 Personnel Committee Meeting Agenda


09/25/17 - Ordinance Revising Land Use and Zoning Fees 

6:30 pm - Republican Caucus Room, 4th Floor, Government Center



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