Stamford Board of Representatives

The Board of Representatives approves all appointments to City of Stamford Boards, Authorities and Commissions. Candidates are referred to the Mayor by the Democratic City Committee and the Republican Town Committee to fill vacancies.  After the Mayor interviews the candidate and recommends approval by the Board to fill the vacancy, the Appointments Committee schedules an interview with the candidate and makes a recommendation to the full Board of Representatives.

When the Appointments Committee is requested to interview a candidate, the candidate is sent and asked to complete the forms below and provide a recent resume to the Committee.  Then the candidate is notified of the date and time of the interview. 

The Board of Representatives has ninety days from the date the Mayor submits the candidate's name within which it can vote to approve or turn down a candidate.  If the Board of Representatives does not act within ninety days, the candidate is automatically seated on the board, authority or commission.  In cases where the Board of Representatives is unable to interview the candidate within the ninety-day time period, it is the Board's practice to reject the appointment without prejudice.  If the Mayor resubmits the name, the process begins again.