Stamford Board of Representatives

For the Week of July 6, 2020:


Regular Board Meeting8:00 pm - Agenda - The meeting can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone at or by telephone at 1-646-558-8656 - Webinar ID: 980 2527 7032  - This meeting is being held by webinar - You should have received an individual login. Please contact the Board office prior to the meeting if you need it resent. 

Please login a few minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start.



For the 07/06/20 Regular Board Meeting:

Regular Board Meeting Agenda 07/06/2020
Regular Board Meeting Draft Minutes and Video 06/01/2020
Special Board Meeting to Consider the Budget Draft Minutes and Video 06/02/2020
Special Board Meeting - Draft Minutes and Video (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) 06/23/2020
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/08/2020
Housing, Community Development and Social Services Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/15/2020
Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/16/2020
Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/17/2020
Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/18/2020
Fiscal Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/22/2020
Appointments Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/23/2020
Public Safety & Health Committee Meeting Agenda -  - Rescheduled to 6/29/20 06/25/2020
Outside Counsel Committee Meeting Agenda - CANCELLED Replaced by 6/23/20 Special Meeting 06/29/2020
Public Safety & Health Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 06/29/2020
Personnel Committee meeting Agenda  and Video (2nd 1/2 of meeting not recorded) 06/29/2020
Housing, Community Development and Social Services Committee Meeting Agenda and Video 06/30/2020
Code of Ethics Revision Committee Meeting Agenda and Video 06/30/2020
Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee Meeting Agenda and Video 07/01/2020
Housing, Community Development and Social Services Committee Meeting Agenda 07/15/2020




Annual Report of the Board of Ethics 06/17/2020
City of Stamford COVID-19 Page  


Boards and Commissions:

Parks & Recreation Commission Minutes 05/20/2020
Personnel Commission Minutes 05/28/2020
Parks & Recreation Commission Draft Minutes 06/17/2020
Link to Board of Education Agendas and Minutes Page