Stamford Board of Representatives

Planning & Zoning


Agenda Item No.
(If applicable)

Petition for Appeal of Amendments MP-432 & MP-433 under C6-30-7 02/11/2019 LU30.025
C6-40-9 legal questions on petition to Board of f Representatives for App. 217-
01, Lifetime Fitness
06/27/2018 LU30.014
Proposed Ordinance re: Adjustment of Land Use Fees 07/25/2017 CS29.020
Authority of Board of Representatives to Initiate Building Permit Moratorium 05/18/2017 LU29.086
Non-Solicitation Zones/Traffic Enforcement 06/08/06  LR27.011 
Interrelationship between land use controls of URC and local zoning regulations 12/21/00   
Technical questions regarding URCs need for BOR approval re: mill river corridor and Parcel 21 10/31/00   
Requirement for zoning permits for properties designated in "Park" Zones 10/02/00 n/a
Approval for the hanging of banners 08/30/90   
Legal requirements re: exemption of city government from zoning regs 05/09/85   
Petitions to BOR to review zoning amendments; guidelines on conflict of interest 04/26/85   
Relationship of zoning regulations to Stamford's Urban Renewal Plan 08/05/70