Stamford Board of Representatives

Ordinances - Specific


Agenda Item No.
(If applicable)

Preemption of Ordinance Prohibiting Sale of Dogs & Cats in Pet Stores 09/13/2019 LR30.068
Additional re: Proposed Ordinance re: Plastic Shopping Bags 02/28/2018 LR30.019
Proposed Ordinance re: Plastic Shopping Bags 01/03/18 LR30.019
Proposed Ordinance re: Change to State Law re: Closure of Building Permits 12/18/17 LR30.022
Proposed Ordinance re: Adjustment of Land Use Fees 07/25/17 CS29.020
Authority of Board of Representatives to Initiate Building Permit Moratorium 05/18/17 LU29.086
Republication of  ordinance 10/03/16 O29.072
Dual Office Holding (boards & commissions) 12/30/09  n/a 
Non-Solicitation Zones/Traffic Enforcement 06/08/06 LR27.011
Legal Opinion regarding summary publication of ordinances 06/17/03  LR27.098 
Enforcement of code by civil citation 03/05/03   
Right to enact an Affordable Housing Ordinance 02/22/01   
Noise Ordinance Amemdments - domestic power equipment & leaf blowers 02/12/99 PS25.013
Ordinance to Prohibit the possession of tobacco by minors 12/12/96  
Granting of Bonus Points on Civil Service Exams to Stamford Residents 03/05/96  
Matthew Kosbob Loitering Ordinance 02/16/96  
Dual Office Holding and the Smith House Facilities Governing Board 03/15/88