Stamford Board of Representatives

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Item No.  LU30.050 Type  RES
Description Approving the Sale of Property Located at 0 West Park Place (a/k/a 66 West Park Place & Park Square West III),
Stamford, Connecticut by the City of Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission to Tullamore LLC
Final Res/Ord #  4084
Committee  Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Date Final Action 2/1/21
Date Submitted  10/08/2020 Other  
Submitted By  Thomas Madden    
Date Document Description Author
02/01/2021 Final Resolution No. 4084  
01/25/2021 Memo from Thomas Madden with Exhibits  
11/04/2020 Draft Resolution Rosenson
   Presentation re: Housing Crisis / Coliving
  Title Report & Appraisal  
  Title Insurance   
  Purchase & Sale Agreement   
10/08/2020   Memo from Thomas Madden re: Proposed Sale   
09/29/2020  Approved by Planning Board   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
 11/25/2020 Public Hearing Notice   
 11/19/2020 Public Hearing Notice