Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LU30.004

Item No.  LU30.004 Type  RES
Description Approval of Director of Administration's Final Report Dated February 7, 2018 Concerning the Discontinuance
of a Portion of Division Street West of Clinton Avenue and Directing that Such Discontinuance by Carried Out
Final Res/Ord #  3882
Committee Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Date Final Action  03/05/2018
Date Submitted 01/22/2018 Other  
Submitted By Mayor Martin    
Date Document Description Author
03/05/2018 Final Resolution No. 3882   
02/08/2018  Draft Resolution  Rosenson
02/07/2018  Director of Administration's Report w/ Assessor's Report  Handler
02/07/2018  Handler Cover Memo   Handler
02/01/2018 Appraisal  Wellspeak Dugas & Kane LLC
04/13/2016  Planning Board Approval   
04/01/2016   Director of Administration's Report   Handler
03/15/2016   Mayor's Report   Martin
Public Notices   
Date Document Description