Stamford Board of Representatives

Upcoming Meetings - Week of December 2, 2019:


Regular Board Meeting  - 8:00 pm - Agenda 12/02/2019


For the December 2, 2019 Board Meeting:

Regular Board Meeting Agenda 12/02/2019
Regular Board Meeting Draft Minutes and Video 11/06/2019
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 11/12/2019
HCD/SS Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 11/18/2019
Public Safety & Health Minutes and Video 11/18/2019
Parks & Recreation Committee Agenda and Video 11/19/2019
Legislative & Rules Committee Minutes and Video 11/19/2019
Education Committee Meeting Minutes and Video (Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3) 11/20/2019
Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 11/20/2019
Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 11/21/2019
Fiscal Committee Meeting Agenda and Video 11/25/2019
Land Use/UR Committee Meeting Minutes and Video 11/25/2019
Appointments Committee Meeting Agenda CANCELLED 11/26/2019
Operations Committee Meeting Agenda and Video 11/26/2019



SAMG and SPS Present Proposed Public Private Partnership Plan to Community Members
- Strawberry Hill School - 6-8 pm
Invitation to Town Clerk Open House - 3-5 pm 12/05/2019




 Memo from Director Handler re: Certification and Notification of Critical Emergency Purchase 11/27/2019
 Email from Nicola Tarzia re: Tarzia and SAMG 11/25/2019
 Email from  Andy George  re: Tarzia and SAMG 11/25/2019
 Email from Michael Altamura re: Tarzia and SAMG 11/26/2019
 Email from Nicola Tarzia re: Tarzia and SAMG 11/26/2019


Boards and Commissions:

Board of Finance Audit Committee Draft Minutes 11/14/2019
Board of Finance Minutes 11/14/2019
Zoning Board Agenda 12/02/2019
Investment Advisory Committee Agenda 12/17/2019