Stamford Board of Representatives

Agendas & Minutes

The Steering Committee is made up of members of leadership (President, Clerk of the Board, Majority and Minority Leaders and Deputy Majority and Minority Leaders), Chairs, Vice Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Board's other twelve standing committees. The Steering Committee:

  • considers and approves items submitted for inclusion on the Board's monthly agenda;
  • assigns items to the appropriate committee;
  • schedules the monthly committee meeting dates.

Typical Meeting Date: Second Monday of each month.



Current Member Listing:

  • Matthew Quinones, President of the Board & Chair - Steering Committee
  • Susan Nabel, Clerk of the Board & Co-Chair - Appointments Committee
  • Rodney Pratt, Majority Leader, Vice Chair - Steering Committee
  • Virgil de la Cruz, Deputy Majority Leader & Co-Chair - Land Use Committee
  • Gloria G. DePina, Deputy Majority Leader & Chair - Housing/Community Development/Social Services Committee
  • Mary Fedeli, Minority Leader & Co-Chair - Personnel Committee
  • Steven Kolenberg, Deputy Minority Leader & Chair - Transportation Committee
  • Monica Di Costanzo, Chair - Fiscal Committee
  • Anabel Figueroa, Co-Chair - Personnel Committee
  • Jonathan Jacobson, Chair - Land Use/Urban Redevelopment Committee
  • Benjamin Lee, Chair - Legislative & Rules Committee
  • Diane Lutz, Chair - Education Committee
  • Dennis Mahoney, Co-Chair, Parks & Recreation Committee
  • Marion McGarry, Co-Chair, Parks & Recreation Committee
  • Lindsey Miller, Chair - State & Commerce Committee
  • Charles Pia, Jr., Co-Chair - Land Use Committee
  • Jeffrey Stella, Chair - Public Safety & Health Committee 
  • Annie Summerville, Chair - Appointments Committee