Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary  - PS30.022

Item No.  PS30.022 Type ORD
Description Amending Chapter 141; Hairdressers and Cosmeticians - Sec. 141-3 - Plan Review and Preoperation Inspection Final Res/Ord #  1249
Committee  Public Safety & Health Date Final Action  01/07/2019
Date Submitted 11/8/2018 Other  
Submitted By Dr. Calder, Health Director    
Date Document Description Author
01/07/2019   Final Ordinance No. 1249  
12/06/2018   Fee Comparisons  Calder
12/06/2018   Fee Increase Revenue Projections  Calder
11/8/2018 Draft Ordinance   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description
01/24/2019 Legal Notice   
12/13/2018 Public Hearing Notice