Stamford Board of Representatives

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Item No. LR30.101 Type  APP
Description Amendment of the Rules of the Board to Add Subsection V.D.6 Concerning Voting During
Remote Meeting Authorized by State of Emergency.
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Committee  Legislative & Rules Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  10/7/2020 Other  
Submitted By  President Quinones    
Date Document Description Author
02/01/2021 Alternative Proposed Language Change Lion
02/01/2021 Proposed Language Change Sherwood
01/28/2021 Legal Opinion re: Possible Conflict with Executive Order 7B Toma
01/19/2021 Proposed Rule Change as Amended by Committee  
01/19/2021 Proposed Langugage Change Lee
12/01/2020 Legal Opinion re: Voting by phone, text or email during remote meetings Toma
  Roberts' Rules sample electronic meeting rules   
10/20/2020  Proposed Rule Change as Amended by Committee   
10/20/2020  Revised Proposed Amendements to Rule  McMullen
10/20/2020  Proposed Amendments to Rule   McMullen
10/07/2020  Proposed Rule   Quinones
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