Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR30.094 - 095

Item No. LR30.094 Type  APP
Description  Amendment of the Rules of the Board to add Section II.A.7 re: extended absence of President. Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Legislative & Rules Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  03/26/20 Other  
Submitted By  President Quinones & Rep. Lee    
Date Document Description Author
05/01/2020 Proposed Amendment from Rep. McMullen - Redlined and Clean Version  
04/05/2020 Proposed Amendment from Rep. Sherwood - adopted by Committee 4/27/20  
04/03/2020 Proposed Amendment from Rep. McMullen  
04/01/2020 Legal Opinion  
03/30/2020   Revised Proposed Rule Change   
03/30/2020  Email from Kathryn Emmett   
03/26/2020  Proposed Rule Change   
Public Notices   
Date Document Description