Stamford Board of Representatives

File Summary - LR30.042

Item No.  LR30.042 Type  REV
Description  Public Act 18-49, Opportunities Regarding Community Support Organizations and Possible Local Tax Benefits Final Res/Ord #  
Committee  Legislative & Rules Date Final Action  
Date Submitted  06/06/2018 Other  
Submitted By  Mayor Martin and Rep. Lee    
Date Document Description Author
08/20/2018 Legal Opinion Coughlan
08/01/2018  Request for Legal Opinion   
01/05/2018  State Strategies to Preserve SALT Deductions for High-Income Taxpayers: Will They Work?   
01/11/2018 -How states can undo one of the most potentially destructive elements of the Republican tax law   
04/05/2018  OLR Bill Analysis    
05/31/2018  Public Act 18-49   
Public Notices   
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