Stamford Board of Representatives

Consolidation - Fifty Years in the Making
4/12/1894 Borough of Stamford and Glenbrook became city; city incorporated and first city meeting held
1897 William Bohannan - First Democrat elected as City Mayor
1899 First rumblings of consolidating town & city
1901 Homer Cummings re-elected by biggest plurality; called for a consolidation of city and town
1902 Board of Appropriation formed - forerunner of Board of Finance
1905, 1911, 1918 Consolidation charters defeated defeated by 274 votes at 11/5/18 referendum
1927 Stamford introduces bill to General Assembly calling for secession of Shippan Point from City and North Stamford from town; State legislature gave unfavorable report
1932 Referendum approved for strong mayoral charter; effective 1/1/35
1934 Mayor Philips elected during first combined town/city election
1937 Consolidation Inquiry Committee formed
1945 Charter failed
May 1946 and January 1947 Charter (with ten member Board of representatives) published in Special Acts of General Assembly
March 1947 Stamford Hills Association (representing town) favored consolidation with a 40-member Board of Representatives
April 15, 1947 Hearing in State House on House Bill 749 "An Act Concerning Consolidation of the City and Town of Stamford"
November 4, 1947 Charter approved by voters (10,101 to 7,400); includes 40-member Board of Representatives
April 4, 194 First biennial election under the Charter
April 15, 1949 First consolidated government sworn in; Board of Representatives sworn in; Mayor Barrett elected first mayor; existing town and city government employees remain in jobs -- dual government
~ Special thanks to Eva Weller, former Board Researcher, and Carmen Domonkos, President of the 24th and 25th Boards, for preparation of this history.